Friday, 14 June 2013

The Celt Experience x 2 - Bronze & Golden

Quite a strange out of the blue couple of craft beers to find in a local Danish discount supermarket. Maybe dedicated bottle shops have had some of their range before and I have just never noticed ? I have to admit I have never heard of this Welsh brewery before which is not a bad thing and helps to go in with an open mind. They have a website, if like me it is your first encounter with Celt Experience and want to know more.


Light waft of caramel, malt and floral hops when pouring.

Bronze pours clear copper with an off-white creamy head. Caramel, malt and spice on the intake while the finish is dry and mildly bitter. Hazelnuts and spice again linger in the mild bitter aftertaste along with floral hops. Bit of a watery mouthfeel to this one.

Very nice looking beer once poured though it did nothing to set my mojo alight, meaning a middle of the road bitter where nothing stands out giving me a wow factor. The blurb on the label says ' an escape to the wild'. What is that all about ? :)

Nothing really wrong with this one but not one I'd buy or try again.

This scored 4/10 on the 'All aboard for Aberystwyth' Beerometer.

Alc : 4.5%
Where to buy CPH : Rema1000


Big wafts of citrus, hops and pine on the pour from this.

Golden pours clear gold with a medium white head. Wooooft...Bags of citrus and citrus peel along with floral hops on the intake with a mild to medium bitter finish. Bitter grapefruit and orange peel linger in the sharp aftertaste. Good, slightly creamy mouthfeel after getting past the zest.

It says on the bottle 'golden, snappy, citrus' and I go along with that. It also says 'drink to inspire you to an evening of passion'...Ehmmm what ? I guess I should let the wife know she will be getting lucky tonight !

A beer that certainly wakes the palate up a bit with all the zestyness. Not one I would rush out and buy again unless of course I need inspired for an evening of passion. No problem drinking another if offered or if the chance came up to try it on tap.

This beer scored 5.5/10 on the 'you alright Boyo ?' Beerometer

Alc : 4.2%
Where to buy CPH : Rema1000

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