Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Indslev - Sorte Hvede

Needing a break from hefeweizen as it can become a bit samey I was in the supermarket today and stumbled on 3 from Indslev..on offer which is always a bonus, there was a bock as well but I passed on it. Indslev (ENG pronounced Inndsloo..very soft d) is the only wheat only brewery in Denmark to my knowledge. The only beer I've tried from them before is their christmas beer which according to my notes was decent enough.

So, Sorte Hvede (eng : Black Wheat) is according to the bottle a Wheat Stout. Using 50% wheat malt instead of the traditional barley malt. A new style for me anyway !

Sorte Hvede pours black with a thick brown head. Lots of bittersweet roasted malt, coffee, licorice and dark chocolate on the intake with an almost sooty smokey slightly bitter finish. I got gingerbread and more smoke in the aftertaste !

A bit of a hidden away on the bottom shelf gem this one. Very easy to drink with a smooth mouthfeel. No alcohol shone through. I'd have no problem with buying some more of this when autumn and winter kick in as an alternative to other heavier porters and stouts.

There is a whole lot going on with this one and to be honest I'd like a second bottle and edit this if needed when the shops open again on thursday as it is a public holiday here tomorrow..

This scores 8/10 on my 'never had a wheat stout before so nothing to compare it to' beerometer.

Alc : 6.5%
Where to buy CPH : Super Brugsen

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