Sunday, 16 June 2013

Brewdog - IPA is Dead 2013 - Dana

I have a love/hate relationship with Brewdog and its beer. Some Most I love, though I hate their marketing and the pretentious student type rambling pish they write on their labels which as it happens it is probably the same student market they are aiming at ? While they might admire what it was, they are not punks. Johnny Rotten was a punk. Sid Vicious was a punk. Siouxsie Sioux was a punk. Billy Idol was a c...ok, too far. Is a beer 'punk' because the brewers put in a lot more hops ? Nope, I just do not get the relation between old school punk rebellion and mass produced beer no matter the admiration. Just stop it please and get off that bandwagon.
It's all....
This beer is from the IPA is dead 2013 Single Hop series which also contains El Dorado, Goldings and Waimea which I may get around to sometime...

The label blurb from Dana...'A pseudo noble hop. Noble like a mother fucking king. But not a boring king. Noble like a chain smoking, pimp of a pinball wizard king. Apparently, they are the best kind. Hailing from Slovenia, Dana was originally cross bred from the German Hallertau Magnum and native Slovenian varieties. Like any good faux noble hop should it infuses a rustic, musty spiciness into a classic beast of a malt base, just like your grandfather’s old school aftershave. This hop of Eastern European origin is best enjoyed whilst dreaming up a song about a lovely donkey that fell in love with a princess that is destined to take the Eurovision song contest by storm.'

Did you swear as well while reading at the trying too hard to be hip pish ?

On to the beer in the style of Brewdog marketing blurbs...

There is a dirty big smell coming from the pour, not any smell, a big fucking smell and it is right up my nostrils quicker than a line of ultra fine Columbian marching powder clinging onto the mucus and holding on so it will come out like a king hoppy, trope fruit and pine booger. Apparently, they are the best kind when dried out and rustic.

Still with me ?

Dana, liquid of the motherfucking Gods pours cloudy orange like Brut, King of your grandfather's old skool (they forgot to be hip in the spelling of school) aftershave with a tabac bottle off-white head, which pulls its suspender lacing down the glass like the dirty whore it is.

Ok, enough !

Malt, bit of caramel, a horrible funky bitter soapy taste at the back which I can only assume is from the hop....Stop, sorry but this is utter shit. I did not enjoy this one and after sampling the other three in this series which were miles and miles better I would declare this a total utter failure. Bad bottle or batch ? I am not trying another bottle to find out.

This scored 2, yep 2 /10. 1 for  good creamy mouthfeel and 1 for making me laugh at their blurb. The remaining beer went down the drain before I charged the Beerometer up. Shocking.

I did it myyyy waaaayyy...

Alc : 6.7%
Where to buy CPH : bought in Kihoskh, Sønder Boulevard 53, Kbh V who also have the others in a 4 pack. Also seen in Fish & Beer, Amagerbrogade 143, Kbh S.

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