Saturday, 1 June 2013

Cairngorm - White Lady

Scrapping the Cairngorm alphabetical order, it's too hot today for Trade Winds and Wildcat to finish the range...A bonus beer as I was in Abigails British food shop in town during the week and they had a good few of the Cairngorm range in.

Finally ! Remember my small annoyances with brewers writing 'continental style beer' on the blurb on their labels, this brewer included twice ? Well here on this one they have their act together and actually bothered to put where and what the brew is inspired and styled after. 'Bavarian Wheat Beer' Thank you, no guessing what it is required though there is a catch here...

White Lady pours a clear dark orange to bronze colour with a medium white head. I do get the orange peel and coriander mentioned on the label blurb along with wheat and roasted malts on the intake while it finishes slightly bitter with coriander and lemon lingering in the aftertaste.

If blindfolded I would never guess this was styled as a german weiss. It comes off as some kind of hybrid between a wheat beer and I don't know what. I quite enjoyed it all the same and would no have no problems having to drink another. This scored 4/10 on my 'what the hell is it ?' beerometer.

Alc : 4.7%
Where to buy CPH : Abigails have it in their shop in town.

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