Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Erdinger x 2 - Pikantus & Urweisse

I find Erdingers standard hefeweizen pretty average at best though it is available everywhere and on draught in a lot of pubs which can be a plus sometimes. To me, their 'fest' beers ain't much better. So I picked these two up, both for a couple of kroner more than the standard version and have no great expectations from them...


Pinkantus pours dark chocolate brown with a small tan head which quickly fades. A very rich sweetness on the intake with malt, yeast, cloves and a faint bit of ripe banana. Quite an acidic finish which leaves raisins and brown sugar in the aftertaste.

Very decent weizenbock and way above the standard erdinger.  My only personal gripe...It's not one I could drink the day after a good nights session as it could be a bit of an arse trembler ! Too much info ?

This scored  7/10 on my 'hmmm, well comparing to Schneider Aventinus which is a 10/10 weizenbock in my opinion' beerometer.

Alc : 7.3%
Where to buy CPH : Irma


Good wafts of yeast, wheat, cloves and banana coming off the pour.

Urweisse pours a cloudy light amber with a medium white head. Peach, yeast, cloves and a faint banana on the medium sweet intake while lemon and banana are in the slightly sweet & sour finish. Next to no aftertaste apart from a bit of peachiness which leaves the mouth watering.

To compare this to Erdingers standard hefeweizen is like night and day, this being so much better ! This scored a respectable 7/10 on my 'why is this not the standard erdinger, it has a prettier bottle as well ?' beerometer.

Alc : 4.9%
Where to buy CPH : Irma

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