Thursday, 20 June 2013

Redhook - Long Hammer IPA

After the utter mediocre Kona lager I'm hoping to get a bit more out of this, at least I don't have to worry about any skunkiness from a a badly stored bottle...

Waft of citrus and hops when pouring.

Long Hammer pours hazy floating sediment gold with a creamy white head, thin head all down the glass with good lacing. Quite weird at the start of the intake, as the sip hits the front of the mouth a good bit of bitterness is apparent then it mellows with malt, citrus and ends with a slightly peppery mild bitter finish. Floral hops and citrus peel linger in the long aftertaste. Good light to silky mouthfeel and no alcohol shining through.

I have a confession to make, I actually looked this one up while in the supermarket which I don't normally do before buying, is that not what smartphones are for ?, which resulted in the impression of an average IPA. I wish I looked up the Kona ! Anyway, I disagree as I think this is a good bit better than average. To me it is a very nice IPA and quite refreshing. I have no problems with buying or drinking another.

This scored 5/10 on the 'one man's nectar is another man's urine' Beerometer

Alc : 6.2%
Where to buy CPH : Super Brugsen

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