Monday, 24 June 2013

Evil Twin - Hipster Ale

Continuing on with a small Mikkeller related theme, this is one from his brother, the man behind Evil Twin who also owns the bottle shop Ølbutikken where I bought this along with a few others. One of the things I do like about this shop is you do have the option of drinking a beer in house which is handy if you want to sample before buying a few... though I live less than a Usain Bolt sprint from it so not much point for me having that convenience, smug git that I am.
Pre-shop warm up.

Big big wafts of tropical fruits, pine and citrus from the pour.

Hipster Ale pours a hazy orange with floaty sediment bits and frothy white head which leaves good lacing all the way down. Grapefuit, pine, citrus, malt and bitter hops on the intake while the finish is moderately bitter and dry. Very peachy, along with pine on the long aftertaste. Light mouthfeel but not watery.

I enjoyed drinking this one, actually I drank two as the first one was a bit over chilled. Quite a light and refreshing brew. Easy drinking ale and no problem to session on. My only gripe, the Scottish in me thinks it is a few kroner over-priced, then again most of the beer sold at Ølbutikken is compared to the other bottle shops, though I'm at nit picking level here.

This scored a whacking 8.5/10 on the 'if I drink this, will it make me a hipster ?' Beerometer

Alc : 5.5%
Where to buy CPH : Ølbutikken , Istedgade 44, Kbh V

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