Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Rother Bräu - Öko Ur-Weizen

Another organic beer from Germany.

Touching on Organic and following on from my thoughts on craft beer...is it just me that while people rage for organically raised or grown food I find they seem to forget about the actual quality of the stuff they are putting into their shopping bags. A lot of people seem to think organic equals quality, while that may be the case with certain items it certainly to me does not equal to actually tasting good. If the actual animal or plant is not the greatest quality then no matter of chemical/hormone/whatever free feed or no pesticides will not hide the fact that the raw material is crap to begin with....Oh sod it, on with the beer leaving part deux for another time :)

Big waft of wheat, banana and spice from this on the pour.

Ur-Weizen pours cloudy orange gold with a huge creamy white head. Wheat, cloves, fruity and banana on the sweet intake with the banana being more subdued than a lot of other hefeweizens to me. The finish is dry with a hint of citrus. Yeast, cloves and spice linger in the aftertaste. Has a nice light to creamy mouthfeel.

A tad above average hefeweizen that has no wow factor for me. Nothing really to make me want to run out and buy another straight away though I'd have no problems buying or drinking it again when the opportunity pops up.

This scored a generous 5/10 on the 'how can you have any pudding if you don't drink your wheat ?' Beerometer.

Alc : 5.3%
Where to buy CPH : Kihoskh, Sønder Boulevard 53, Kbh V

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