Friday, 28 June 2013

Southern Tier - Eurotrash Pilz

After a very decent German pils in the last blog  it is time for a trip across the atlantic for an American take on a European pils. Is there such a thing as a European pils ? Not in my view of things unless you are a marketing manager at big lazy euro macro which might also state it is also 'premium' on the bottle or can but hey ho and on with the show... The first of four posts with some American brews I've recently picked up.

This is my introduction to Southern Tier as I've never tried any of their brews though a friend of mine raves about some of their stouts and porters.

A light waft of sweet malt and hops on the pour.

Eurotrash Pilz pours clear yellow gold with a medium white head. Sweetish malt, a touch of fruityness, lemon, straw and hops on the intake while the mild bitter finish is crisp and dry. Light mouthfeel without being watery.

To me it tastes a bit like the bastard love child between a German märzen and a Czech pils. While not hugely impressed, it is a decent enough effort though for me lacks the clean taste of a good pils. This is not one I would bother buying or drinking again as there is far better offerings out there at every day prices.

This scored 3/10 on the ' it would have been 4 but they used a 'z' trying to be too trendy ' Beerometer.

Alc : 5.2%
Where to buy CPH : Ølbutikken, Istedgade 44, Kbh V

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