Sunday, 21 July 2013

Widmer Brothers - Rotator IPA Series - Falconer's IPA

Not much in the line of waffle today after a beer-less saturday and I would think it is best just to get on with it on this lazy sunday...Once again another unknown American brewer to me.

Not a huge amount of aroma coming from this apart from malt, caramel and mild hops from the pour.

Falconer's IPA pours an orange dark amber with a creamy off-white head. Sweet and malty on the intake with biscuit, caramel, pine and hops while the short finish is moderately bitter. Lowly carbonated this has smooth and oily mouthfeel. No alcohol shines through.

Quite a heavy malty base on this one for an IPA although very enjoyable and easy to drink. Not one I would rush out to buy another but I would have no problems drinking again if offered. Perhaps due to being a hot summers day I would have liked a bit more crisp and lightness to this. Summing up and disregarding the weather, a very nice IPA which seems very much like a lot of other American one's of this style posted recently with a heavier malty base than I am used to though it makes a good change from some of the hop bombs.

This scored 7.5/10 on the 'should have had a wheat beer instead ?' Beerometer.

Alc : 7%
Where to buy CPH : Høkeren, Ravnsborggade 13, Kbh N

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