Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Lervig - White Dog

Unrelated drivel to this beer...

Until monday I never knew there was a nordic beer bottle shop 200m away from where I live. I have passed it nearly everyday since it opened a year ago. All the nordic flags outside gave me the impression that it was a nordic crafts shop aimed at tourists. Well, so close to the center of Copenhagen I never gave it a second glance...or actually bothered to look in the window, shame on me ! I peered in the window the other day and a line up of Nøgne Ø, Ægir and Haandbryggeriet was on show. So, a shop I look forward to visiting soon..probably when I get paid again judging by their prices.

On to the second wheat beer today with this one is styled as a Belgian Wit.

Light waft of citrus/lemon, coriander and black pepper from the pour.

White Dog pours cloudy pale yellow with a white head. A honey sweetness on the intake with yeast, wheat and spices while the black pepper finish has a low acidic and zesty bitterness about it. Nice sourish aftertaste with coriander and lemon. Soft carbonation with a watery mouthfeel.

When drinking Belgian styled Wit I cannot help but compare it to the available everywhere Hoegaarden and this is pretty much what it tastes like with a bit more black pepper. I enjoyed this one and would have no problem buying or drinking another. Summing up, a decent enough summer Wit that goes down very easily...the sun beating down helps.

This scored a generous 6/10 on the 'Weiss, Wheat, Hvede, Wit ?' Beerometer.

Alc : 4.7%
Where to buy CPH : Irma

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