Wednesday, 24 July 2013

St. Michaelsberg - HefeWeissbier

Well it is Wednesday and if you have been following this blog recently, today calls for a Weissbier. Nothing really much to say about this one although I have had this one before but it was owned by United Beverage and brewed in Denmark by Vejle Byghus though on the can bought today it is now brewed again in Germany. The brand is formally owned by Maisel's.

Light wafts of banana, bubblegum, wheat and yeast from the pour.

HefeWeissbier pours a cloudy orange gold with a creamy white head.  A light sweet intake with fruit, wheat, mild banana, coriander and cloves. The finish is dry and slightly metallic. Quite a pleasant mild wheaty aftertaste with citrus. Lowly carbonated, this one has a very soft and light mouthfeel.

For a beer in the discount price range it is not that bad at all. The banana taste that dominates in a lot of hefe's is much more muted and in the background in this. It is quite crisp and refreshing on a day like today where the 'heatwave' continues. I have no problems buying and drinking another although Netto also have this side by side sometimes with Benedikter, which in my humble opinion is far the better weiss and more value for money. Summing up, a decent average weiss for the money.

This scored a generous 5/10 on ' Weiss, Wheat, Hvede, Wit ?' Beerometer.

Alc : 5.3%
Where to buy CPH : Netto & Føtex

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