Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Randers Bryghus - Hvede

Following on from the Andechs I was thinking of pulling out another from one of the renowned German weiss brewers but changed my mind. So, how about a Danish one instead...This one says on the label that the brew is inspired from German Weiss, let's see.

Faint wafts of yeast,cloves and citrus from the pour.

Hvede pours cloudy orange with a quick collapsing fluffy white head. The intake is moderately sweet with wheat, cloves, lemon and banana very much in the background while it finishes lightly bitter and dry. Has a short sweetish aftertaste with citrus and cloves. Good mouthfeel but too much carbonation for my liking.

A middle of the road wheat and extremely average. I would not even say it was refreshing. With this on the supermarket shelf right next to a Schneider Original for the same price there is only going to be one outcome which would end up in my basket. Perhaps a bit unfair as there is in fact nothing wrong with this beer though it does nothing to get my juices going. So, not one I would bother buying or drinking again.

This scored 3/10 on the 'at least their Vienna is a lot better' Beerometer.

Alc : 5.6%
Where to buy CPH : Superbrugsen and Kvickly.

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