Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Deschutes - Inversion IPA

Not really in the mood of a weisse double-bill tonight I thought it was time to try yet another American brewery I have not met before from last weeks supermarket raid.

The bottle blurb from Deschutes on this promises a lot....' We worship the flower. The hop flower, that is. We know you do too. Inversion is our tribute to that flower, with plenty of balance, finesse and personality to feed the hop lover in all us'.

Ok, I guess this will be a light hop bomb ? Let's see.

Sweet floral hoppy aroma on the pour with grapefruit, peaches and pine.

Inversion IPA pours a clear coppery amber with a frothy white head. Sweet malt, caramel, pine, citrus and bitter hops on the intake while the finish is bitter and dry. It has a dark hoppy aftertaste with grapefruit and orange/lemon peel which lingers a good while. Lowly carbonated, the mouthfeel is quite oily but not in a bad way.

Very nice ale which I really enjoyed. Another IPA I would not describe as refreshing because for me there is an unknown dark background or should I say heaviness in the flavour ? I think I maybe need another bottle to help me explain what I mean better. :)  This is one I will look out for to buy and try again. Summing up, for the price I paid it is a bit of a steal. Way above average quality IPA.

This scored 8.5/10 on the ' it could go to 9 after another bottle' Beerometer.

Alc : 6.8%
Where to buy CPH : Superbrugsen until out of stock, probably best bet is a bottle shop afterwards.

Put a head on it !

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