Monday, 22 July 2013

Lagunitas - New DogTown Pale Ale

The 'heatwave' continues and my alcohol consumption is right down until I hit the right beer..I just want something light and refreshing, with the emphasis on light. Today I was in the same supermarket that held the American craft beer week a few weeks back and they were practically giving away the rest of the stock so I picked up this and another Lagunitas up for basically the same price as a standard carlsberg after wheeler dealing to buy all their remaining stock, a bit of a bargain in every sense ! :)

After making a total arse of the pour the aroma of peaches, grapefruit, pine, citrus and a touch of caramel hit the nose.

New DogTown Pale Ale pours amber gold with a thick creamy white head that has a long duration. Sweet and light malt on the intake with citrus, pine and hops while the finish is quite hoppy and bitter. Floral hops and a bready malt linger in the aftertaste. This one has a light mouthfeel without being watery.

I played safe on this one and scored even though I probably chilled this one too much. Light, crisp and without sounding like a industrial beer advert, refreshing. Although this is a straight forward pale ale with no surprises it really hit the spot with me. No need to say if I would buy or drink again as I have eight bottles left ! Summing up, a well made and way above average pale ale that I really enjoyed on a hot summer day.

This scored 7.5/10 on the 'need to try this and score again when it is cold and pissing down' Beerometer

Alc : 5.9%
Where to buy CPH : Was bought in Superbrugsen though I have seen it in bottle shops.

yeah, that's a big head !


  1. can i get a flake with that love

  2. Haha ! Of course..I'm sure If I had not drunk it, the head would still be sitting there 3 hours later but the flake would have melted.