Friday, 26 July 2013

Amager Bryghus - Summer Fusion

Another one from Amager so soon I hear you ask ? Well yes, I wanted to try this one as it is a low alcohol beer (3.5%) which I can safely drink out in the sun without getting a splitting headache, basically a thirst quencher ! This is styled as a Steam Beer, a bit controversial I refuse the California Common label which in my mind is another make it up as you go along style. The only other one of this style I have tried I can think of having before is Anchor Steam Beer. The label says style : Steam Beer so that is how I am labeling it. Instead of me rambling on I might as well include the label blurb.....

We wanted to prove that we could make a low alcohol beer rich in taste... and we named the outcome "Fusion". As the name indicates it is a true fusion beer due to the fact that our inspiration came from different styles and countries. The yeast is classic German pilsner yeast, which we - against its will, fermented at 71.6°F. This is a technique know from the American styles "California Common" a.k.a. "Steam Beer". Consequently, we were able to combine the crisp freshness from lager beers with a portion of the fruity freshness found in top fermented beers. 
Our choice of malt is somewhat unusual as we selected an English Mild Ale malt adding a dark, roasted character to the beer, as well as a couple of handful of German caramel malt adding sweetness and a soft touch to the beer. 
And it wouldn’t be a true beer from Amager Bryghus, if we hadn’t been generous with the hops. We chose classic American aroma hops such as Centennial, Chinook, and Amarillo - you know, the ones which really massages your taste buds. Additionally, these hops leave behind the most pleasurable, citric-like freshness. 
Are you confused? No reason to be as our Fusion is the answer to the many people who over the years have asked for an American/English/German top and bottom fermented pilsner ale, which has lots of taste but is low on alcohol! 
Fusion was 1st runner up at the Copenhagen Beer Festival 2007 in the competition of brewing a beer at maximum 3.5% alcohol.

Right, let's get on with it...

Light wafts of floral hops, grass and peaches from the pour.

Summer Fusion pours hazy amber orange with a weak creamy coloured white head. A very light intake with grass, hops, some citrus peel and peaches again. This has a dry and grassy bitterness in the finish. Citrus peel and light floral hops linger in the dryish aftertaste. The mouthfeel is light and watery.

Well, it is very light, crisp and a real thirst quencher and a very nice summer ale and a ...but, there is always one but, if you like a bit of malt taste to your ale this one has none. Not that I am bothered as I enjoyed drinking this one sitting in the sun out in the backyard on what is a sweltering hot day. Not one I would bother buying again but I have no problem drinking another if offered. In the same circumstances like weather etc I think I would rather just drink a good cold English Cider to be honest, blasphemy for some no doubt. Summing up, a very light summer ale which I would class a lawnmower beer.

This scored 4.5/10 on the ' I was tired of it by the time I reached the bottom of the bottle ' Beerometer.

Alc : 3.5%
Where to buy CPH : Superbrugsen and bottle shops.

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