Thursday, 11 July 2013

Brew Cat x 2(Ørbæk) - Golden Ale & IPA

Brewed by Ørbæk who seem to specialize in brewing organic shrug of the shoulder* and forget everyday Danish beer, this time with plagiarism at its worst and brewed for Netto ! That in itself is enough to set the alarm bells ringing. I wonder if the names Brew Hound, Brew Puppy or Brew Mongrel are already taken ?

There is a third bottle, Dark Ale, which I did not pick up as I have tasted it before. So, a brewer known for dull beer and brewed for netto for a set discount price, this can only go wrong, can't it ? Well the cheap quickly put together graphics on the bottle and the blurb 'old english brewing tradition' do not set my hopes up....

Golden Ale

Very weak waft of floral hops on the pour.

Golden ale pours cloudy gold with a white head. Fruity on the sweetish intake with floral hops, a light citrus and malt. Not much going on in the finish apart from some mild bitter hops. Quite a nice sweet aftertaste with coriander and camomile. A thin mouthfeel to this one but not over watery.

This was a lot better than expected although I had thoughts of drainpour to just drinkable before opening so this I guess ends up as mind numbingly average. I can't complain about the price anyway. Easy drinking simple summer like ale that is totally inoffensive. Not one I'd buy again though I would have no problems drinking it again if offered a bottle.

This scored 3/10 on the ' oh, yet another average organic' Beerometer

Alc : 4.5%
Where to buy CPH : Netto


Not enough aroma off this on the pour to warrant a mention.

IPA pours a hazy yellow with a frothy white head.  Sweet grassy intake with hops and butterscotch with a dry and mild bitter finish.  Quite a dull hoppy aftertaste. Although watery it leaves quite an oily feeling left in the mouth.

I am not sure where the IPA is in this IPA. It is dull and totally lifeless. Our old friend diacetyl makes a come back with this and that buttery taste clings to the roof of my mouth, implants and all.. It is not one I will be buying or drinking again. Summing up, I thought this was bloody awful.

Yet again another shrug of the shoulder brew from Ørbæk. *I did forget that they do brew some decent beer, Fynsk Forår is quite tasty and worth trying.

This scored a generous 2/10 on the 'only because it is as hot as hell today otherwise it would be drainpour' Beerometer. 

Alc : 4.5%
Where to buy CPH : Netto

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