Saturday, 13 July 2013

Tooheys - New

Having tried Tooheys Old a good while back which I thought was pretty decent I spotted this in the corner shop today and thought I would give it a go for a change. Apart from that, xxxx and the utter utter crap Fosters I can't think of any other Australian beer that has passed my lips. Either I am not paying attention if any better beer is available or it is just not exported/imported. On to the beer in question...

Nothing much going on apart from a light waft of malt and grass on the pour.

Tooheys New pours clear gold with a white head. Malty on the intake with light flavours of caramel, bread, grass and hops while the finish is mildly bitter and hoppy. Next to nothing in the metallic aftertaste. Light and watery mouthfeel.

Helloooo taste ???. Very inoffensive, but it is that light in flavour you would think if they put a bit more of everything in it would end up a decent brew. As it is, it is total sh...rug of the shoulder stuff that you wonder why someone has went to the trouble of importing it. Keep on sending your excellent beef Australia, maybe send some Murrays beer which I keep on hearing about instead ? Not one I will be buying or drinking again. Summing up on a positive, there is enough better lager here for a lot less money so why bother with this ?

This scored a generous 2.5/10 on the 'there is not enough flavour in it to be drainpour' Beerometer.

Alc : 4.6%
Where to avoid CPH : Kihoskh and Fish & Beer.

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