Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Cairngorm - Sheepshaggers Gold

My wife, good lady that she is, came home all happy and told me she brought home a new beer for me. Well, what is it ? 'Ehhmmmm... Pabst Blue Ribbon, you want it now as it's cold ?' Sure, as I'd just finished Nessie's Monster Mash.  Ok, so I drank it and the wife could see a totally blank expression on my noggin. 'not good ?' Well a bit of malt and a real funked up aftertaste. Which brings me to a point...

Who in their right mind would buy this slop in Denmark for 10kr a bottle over a whole load of better beers for the same or lesser price ? I just don't get it.

On to the beer which is obviously aimed for the Welsh market :)

Awww no, not again...
Pure dead Continental man !

This Continental Style Blond Ale pours golden with a fluffy white head. I get a light sweet malt and caramel on the intake while in the aftertaste a weird funky sour tasting lemon, and not a particular nice lemon at that. Low bitterness. I'm not impressed at all with this so it's only 3.5/10 on the maybe pabst ain't so bad after all beerometer.

Alc : 4.5%
Where to buy : Unknown

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