Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Adnams - Innovation

Yet another wee detour before I complete the Cairngorm range....

Distortion started today in another part of Copenhagen, tomorrow it's where I live so I'll be out at 5 in the morning before going to work and spraying my steps with honey so no hipster sits on them. It's an old carpet shop turned into an apartment with steps to street level from my livingroom. It beats telling people to f-off, politely I may add, every 5 minutes :)

On to the beer...

Not often I mention aromas but when uncapped there is a huge hop and fruit aroma coming from this. This IPA pours a clear gold with a thin white head. Hops, citrus fruit and malt dominate on the intake while finishing bitter grapefruit. The bitter aftertaste reaches right down to the pit of my stomach. Quite a creamy mouthfeel. No alcohol shining through.

If this is innovation then I'm all for it, a very good refreshing IPA. This scored 8/10 on my 'Please sir, can I have some more ?' beerometer.

Alc : 6.7%
Where to buy : Fish & Beer

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