Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Brewdog / Flying Dog - International Arms Race

After finishing work early on friday I had a wander out to Fish & Beer on Amagerbrogade, the name making no sense nowadays as they do not sell fish anymore. Perhaps a name change is in order so why not Beer & Beer ?:)

 I have been before as it is a nice little shop with around 400 different beers so finding something different every visit is no problem. I settled on a few, one of which I have already drunk which was the excellent Ayinger Brauweisse, an outstanding weisse...

Moving on, Brewdog's International Arms Race is according to the blurb an ale brewed with berries and herbs, no hops, a zero IBU IPA. Not often I mention the smell after opening but this one gives off wafts of ginger, cloves and berry fruits.

Pours amber with a medium white head. A whole heap going on with this, mainly ginger, cloves,  strawberries, thyme and blackberries which ends with a slightly bitter finish. Quite an oily beer in the end and has a very long lasting aftertaste, mainly ginger.

An interesting experiment, though an IPA ? I don't think so. As this is a one-off I left the batteries out of the beerometer.

Alc : 7.5%
Where to buy : Fish & Beer, Amagerbrogade 143

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