Thursday, 23 May 2013

Cairngorm - Black Gold

The Copenhagen beer festival started today though I'm going on saturday..or meant to be as my sweet talking brother convinced me that the annual Irish Day up the at horse racing track was a better idea.

Hmmm get to sample a lot of good different beers or probably lose a crapload of money, drink crap guinness and get soaked just to top it off. Well, I reasoned with myself I can get good beer anytime so I chose the latter option..Begorrah.

Carrying on, Black Gold is a stout. Pours black with ruby red tints and a thin tan head once settled that leaves lacing all the way down. Slightly sweet with roasted malt and brown sugar on the intake while finishing dry in the mouth with hints of milk chocolate.

I quite like this one and would have no problem drinking or buying another if I could find it though for a Scottish Stout in its price class it would be up against the easy to find Belhaven Scottish Stout which I rate highly and will no doubt blog about sometime. Black Gold climbed to 7/10 on my beerometer.

Alc : 4.4%
Where to buy : See the Autumn Nuts post.

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