Monday, 27 May 2013

Bernard Cerny Lezak

A wee diversion..Bad day at work, well mondays always are so hopefully a good beer to cheer the mood up a bit ?

This dark lager comes in a swing top bottle with an aroma of sweet malt when opened. Pours a deep clear dark ruby red with a two finger tan head. A lot of  roasted,  medium sweet malt and a bit of coffee on the intake while it finishes dry with a light bitterness.

Not a whole lot going on with this and a bit watery in the body although it is very drinkable. It reached a grumpy 5.5/10 on the beerometer. I think if I was going after a readily available Czech dark lager then I would buy a Kozel Dark which costs a lot less and in my head is a lot better.

Alc : 5.1%
Where to buy : Fish & Beer

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