Sunday, 26 May 2013

Cairngorm - Blessed Thistle

Carrying on with the Cairngorm range, range...get it ?

As it happens I used to go a lot of camping up in the Aviemore area when I was a young lad. Great memories of hiking for miles a day where it could pour down with rain, shelter from a full scale gale, get a brief snow shower and still end up sunburnt at the end of the June.

Blessed Thistle is a reddish brown ale according to the label.

This pours as the label says, reddish brown with a creamy beige head. Looks stunning when poured.  I get sweet malt, caramel and some herbs on the intake while it finishes dry, mildly bitter and with a ginger spice.

I quite like this one though it's not one that gave any wow factor. It's a decent above average bitter that I'd have no problems sitting drinking a few. It climbed to 6/10 on my pre scottish cup final beerometer.

Alc : 4.5%
Where to buy : Trying to track the supplier down.

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