Friday, 6 September 2013

Jacobsen - Høstbryg

Høstbryg = Harvest brew.

A new one from the house brewery at Carlsberg, this one being styled a vienna lager. I hope there is a bit more to it than the carly semper ardens weiner which was also just released. Being friday, less chit chat and get onto the beer in question eh ?....

Malt aroma from the pour with caramel and light citrusy hops.

Høstbryg pours a clear amber to copper with a white creamy head. Medium sweet very malty intake along with caramel and again light hoppy citrus while the finish is dry and mildly bitter. Can you guess the short aftertaste ?....yep, more malt which with the caramel is almost chewy butterscotch in taste. Light bodied, the mouthfeel is a tad watery.

Now I've had a pop at raters/fair isle jersey wearers using the saying 'one dimensional' , this one is a definite candidate for that saying to be used as it is a good chunk of sameness all the way through. However, it is a Vienna which is quite a simple brew so what do people expect ? Considering the brewer, to me this tastes like a luxury version of tuborg classic(bad comparison), with a different hop profile, which I've said before is decent when poured from a great height to knock all the co2 out ;).  Not one I would bother to buy again although I've no problem drinking another if offered. Summing up, an average simple and malty vienna.

This scored a generous 6/10 on the '+1 for all the malt/remembering me to get some oktoberfest beers in' Beerometer.

Alc : 5.9%
Where to buy CPH : Føtex

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