Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Brewdog - #Mashtag

Three weeks passed and no new Brewdog blog ? I'm slipping. I have to admit I am not a huge fan of brown ale but in the interest of science I will make sacrifices :) Blurb first...
Inspired by the passion, knowledge and enthusiasm of craft beer drinkers, we set out to create a truly democratic craft beer. We entrusted all the important decisions to our fans, customers and anyone who wanted to learn more about the craft brewing process and cast their vote. We gave up complete control of every single decision which shaped the final beer that the #MashTag project produced. #MashTag is a 7.5% American Brown Ale loaded with New Zealand hops and aged on Hazelnuts and Oak chips.

What, no swearing ? No preaching to anyone that drinks an industrial lager ? No 'hey we're punks' ? It seems I'm not the only one slipping.

Waft of roasted malt, chocolate, nuts and caramel from the pour.

#Mashtag pours clear dark brown with a ruby tinge and a beige creamy head. Sweetish and very malty intake with caramel, coffee, nuts and chocolate while the finish is slightly dry and bitter. Coffee and licorice linger in the peppery/spicy aftertaste. Nice and creamy mouthfeel to this.

Lots of malt in this one, which I like. I could down a couple of these without much complaint...well there is always one gripe from me, right ? Licorice ! That's what I taste, you of course can taste something different. It just seemed to be more and more present the more I got nearer the bottom of the glass. Now I don't mind it if it is just a little flavour in the background, preferably in a stout, but too much in this spoilt the overall beer for me. Summing up..EU, take that licorice pipe ban and shove it right up your...

This scored a generous 7/10 on the 'It's been pissing down all day, I might be in a grumpy mood' Beerometer.

Alc : 7.4%
Where to buy CPH : Kihoskh and Ølbutikken

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