Monday, 16 September 2013

Anchor - Porter

I've not been very prolific with posts recently, mainly due to the time taken up with work, family life and brewing which I'll write more about in my next post. I've also just been drinking a lot of standard splosh for the bottles and past blogged about/pre-blog noted beer instead of picking up unknowns(to me). Sometimes, it is nice for a period just to pick up some really good beer that you already know just to kick back and enjoy...ok, I'm just a lazy git !:) On to the beer....

Light aroma of roasted malt with dark fruit and some caramel from the pour.

Porter pours black with a thick and creamy tan head. Mild roasted malt on the sweetish intake along with coffee, chocolate and a dab of licorice. The finish is slightly sour and has a nice bitterness while there is a dark fruitiness in the aftertaste with licorice and caramel lingering. Very lowly carbonated, the mouthfeel is silky smooth and creamy.

Excellent and easy to drink porter which went down a treat, no problem with buying and drinking again. If I was to have a personal gripe it would be the lack of roast/smoke for a porter, especially when needed to balance out all the dark fruit going on towards the end. Summing up, very decent porter worth picking up.

This scored 7.5/10 on the 'ooooohhh creamy' Beerometer.

Alc : 5.6%
Where to buy CPH : Ørsteds Kiosken, H.C. Ørsteds Vej 48, Frederiksberg C.

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