Monday, 30 September 2013

Greene King - Yardbird

This is one of four different beers I received as a birthday present by various members of my family. Good or bad, beer is always appreciated, so let's crack on..

Light waft when pouring of malt, citrus, some florals and faint grass.

Yardbird pours clear golden amber with a a white head. Fruity intake with malt, citrus, hops and some caramel while the finish is grainy dry, floral and mildly bitter. A caramel sweetness and some pine are left in the aftertaste. Despite the very lively looking carbonation just after pouring, it is not too gassy in the mouth and the body is light without being too watery.

Hmmmmm, blindfolded I would not guess this was an an American inspired Pale Ale/IPA. Certainly it tastes nothing like any of the bottles I have had recently or in years gone by. My brother commented it tastes like my first home brew which I done in August, during a heatwave, which was meant to be lager like but ended up a golden ale (which developed into a very fine pint after 6 weeks conditioning btw).

I put this in the category... if you go into a discount supermarket, say lidl or aldi, they always have a range of food/drink that is 'american style' but actually tastes bugger all like it is meant to be, either in taste or in quality. It is not as if it is bad or drain pour, it just reeks of cutting corners and marketing.

Summing up , if you like McKennedy American Style Burgers/Poopeyes Quality Fried Chicken, buy this..if not, avoid.

This scored a lowly 3.5/10 on the ' Is it a bird ? Is it a plane ? No, it's a poor imitation copy bastard' Beerometer.

Alc : 4%
Where to buy CPH : Høkeren, Ravnsborggade 13, 2200 N

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