Friday, 18 March 2016

Camba Bavaria - Hop Gun

I'm bringing this one up in the queue as last weekend I was brewing a clone of the previously posted German IPA .

Upon pouring this brown ale there is not a huge aroma coming off this. I get toffee , chocolate raisins and cherries.

In the mouth the rich taste of the combination above in the aroma but with some nuts thrown in. Medium bodied and finishes moderately bitter and quite surprisingly more to the dry side of the scale. A lingering aftertaste of acidic cherry and slightly nutty.

A weird one..I've had a few bottles of this before, sometimes I thought it was excellent and other times not so much. I'm positive the last bottle I drunk had more hop presence but hey ho. Certainly not one I could drink a lot of as the toffee aspect of this would become cloying after two.

This is ending up at 6/10 from me, possibly could go a bit higher if tasting a fresher bottle.

Alc : 6.4%
Where to buy CPH : Superbrugsen
Web : Camba

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