Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Homebrew Clone Wars - Camba German IPA

original left, clone right

So if reading my past post on the Original I mentioned I was doing a clone of this. Been in the keg for 9 days now so a bit young....

Colour - clone is darker but not cleared yet, only 9 days since going in the keg and also suffering from chill haze.

Aroma - tangerine much more pronounced in the original.

Taste - more malty biscuitness (new word ?) in the original all the way through*

Body..bit more body on the original, not a lot but noticeable in a side by side.

Bitterness...spot on !

What I'd do different next time.....just some small tweaks really. Increase the mash temp to 68c, use a lighter crystal or caramunich, add bit more base munich and for more aroma increase the flameout addition and dry hop.

* Otherwise I'm really happy with this, being so young I might have to update this as the malts will no doubt shine more though in a couple of weeks.

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