Friday, 22 November 2013

Nørrebro Bryghus - Dronning Louises Hvid Jul

ENG : Queen Louises White Christmas.

Not one I have had the pleasure ? to try before but the bottle caught my eye while in the local supermarket. I have one wish, I wish they would put some of these brews in normal sized bottles, well depending on the beer of course. Seeing it is friday and the weekend I think it's safe to crack this open. Blurb roughly translated below….

Queen Louises White Christmas is a refreshing light relation (wtf ?) to the dark christmas season. A christmas blond brewed for the people that wish an alternative to the dark traditional heavy christmas beer, but pursue a wish to serve a rich beer that has body and character enough to complement the Danish christmas dinner. (serving suggestions followed but sod that, i detest that shit written on beer labels)

Righty ho ho ho, on we go….

Very pungent waft of malt, spice and a little minuscule hint of hops when popping the cork and pouring.

Hvid jul pours clear golden with a frothy white head. Sweet intake with malt, wheat, caramel, a hint of black pepper and herbs while it finishes dry, malty and mildly bitter. In the aftertaste I'm reminded of my youth sucking on a barley sugar, though not as sweet combined with more malt. A light mouthfeel to this without being watery.

Ok, this beer confuses me. Take the bottles label away and I would not guess this was a seasonal brew as it is one that I would have no problem drinking in the height of summer. Very simplistic compared to the usual seasonal brews and not a huge amount going on with it, maybe that is the point ? I do have a gripe, why label this one with a christmas brew label when you have a couple of other christmas brews out already at the same time (julebryg and stjernestund). Stop that shit please, it's milking it too far..unless your name is Thisted Bryghus.

Summing up, I did enjoy this one and as said would have no problem drinking this again if labelled properly. It is worth a try, like the brewdog in the last post if you want a change of pace from the heavily spiced seasonals that are out just now.

This scored a generous 5.5/10 on the ' the north bridge is falling down, falling down' Beerometer.

Abv : 6.8%
Where to buy CPH : Føtex.

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