Thursday, 14 November 2013

Krenkerup - Juleøl

Still a bit slow with new blog posts around here but I'm crammed with work. The second seasonal beer here I am expecting a more seasonal Danish brew than the Konrad fraud. I tasted this last year, made no notes at the time but thought it was very nice. Time to see if my memory is playing tricks with me or not ….

Wafts of christmas spice, caramel and fruit from the pour.

Juleøl pours dark hazy amber with a quick vanishing off-white head. Sweetish malty intake with cinnamon, star of anis, caramel, coriander and cloves leading into a dry,light bitter finish. Orange peel, cloves and cinnamon linger in the long, quite fruity aftertaste. Mildly carbonated and the mouthfeel is quite smooth.

Arrrrgghh, this was not the one I tried last year which was a Vienna Lager, my mistake and a totally different beer as there was two different brews released by them last year. I knew something was up when pouring this into a pint glass, doh. So how does this one do ? Well, all the flavours of a traditional danish christmas brew are there. None of the flavours are too dominant and it all blends in pretty nicely. Not one I could drink a lot of nor one I would bother with again as there is far better one's out there. It is worth a try if you have not tasted it before, don't expect any wow factor though.

This scored a respectable 6/10 on the ' I'm really off to a bad start here' Beerometer

Alc : 6.3%
Where to buy CPH : Superbrugsen etc.

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